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Kim Gilroy


Kim Gilroy is a certified Holistic Wellness Coach, Yoga Instructor, and Elementary School Teacher.  And she is a wife and mother to three beautiful girls.


Kim's passion for healing the mind. body, and spirit began as a special education teacher in 2003.  While receiving her masters in education, Kim learned the ideology behind growth mindset and the importance of proper presentation of information and channels for feedback.  As a teacher and a varsity high school coach, Kim was able to use this knowledge and pair it with her passion to guide students and players to believe in themselves and the process of building their minds, bodies, and spirits.


In 2007, Kim received her Holistic Wellness Certificate.  She focused her practice on counseling clients on food and lifestyle choices.  Meeting clients where they were in their own growth journeys and encouraging them to grow and learn at a pace that worked for them, Kim was able to lead her clients to make lasting changes.


Kim was introduced to yoga in the late 90's.  As someone who preferred active sports and running, the idea of slowing down and finding stillness and focus was challenging for Kim.  While studying for her Holistic Wellness Certificate, Kim became deeply interested in the process of making lasting changes in one's life.  Many of the teachers she met, books she read, and speakers she heard lecture, all focused on the basic principle of connecting the mind, body, and spirit through meditation. Having struggled with attention and impulse in her own life, the idea of finding stillness in the mind and deepening her spiritual practice was the part of yoga that appealed most to Kim.


After Covid, Kim found challenges in getting back to "normal."  She began attaching to the wrong types of success and failures and noticed her own positive growth mindset was becoming short-fused.  Kim knew deep down inside there was a missing piece to tying together her spirituality, growth mindset, and passion for helping others mentally and emotionally. After a few months of prayer and meditation, yoga called.


Kim received her Vinyasa Yoga Certification in 2022, learning the art of yoga and the idea of yoking with God (Spirit, Highest Power) in movement and through the day, as well as pairing poses and breath to shift energy and align the mind, body, and spirit to stay in our true power.  Her growth mindset ideology from her experience as a teacher and coach, paired with her passion for health and wellness from the inside out has manifested into "Kim Gilroy insideout - Yoga * Spirit * Mindset".

Pink Sugar

In the studio, at your schools, conference, or office, our mission is to:

To serve.

To heal.

To create positivity.

To share light.

To give grace.

To grow the mind & spirit.

To create a space where people can find space.

About Kim
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